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The Strong Jaw

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The Strong Jaw is a chewable jaw exerciser that fits between the upper and lower incisors that gives an insane jaw workout! The Strong Jaw is made of 100% silicone and offers 50-60 lbs. of resistance.


The Strong Neck is made of 100% Silicone.

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  • "Concussion experts say that one way to help prevent concussions and reduce their severity in girls' soccer is through regular neck strengthening exercises."

  • "A well-developed neck is synonymous with power and commands respect. Yet, very few ever take the time out to addressing the neck with specific training."

  • "Researchers have proposed a solution for athletes at higher risk for sports concussions, protect your head with neck-strengthening exercises in the pre-season."

  • "Trainers decided that increasing the size of his players' necks will help reduce the number of incidents; more strength supporting the head absorbing the blow."

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