Neck Exercises Have Never Been So Easy


  • Combat Sports

    Build neck strength for injury/K.O. prevention in competitions.

  • Body Building

    Bulk up and spot train your neck and jaw muscles

  • Aesthetics

    Obtain that chiseled fitness physique

  • Tech-Neck

    Improve your posture and prevent tech-neck

Quick Set Up

Simply add on desired weight to the Strong Neck device

Safe & Effective

Efficiently perform your favorite neck strengthening exercises

  • This is a must have!

    "In my honest opinion, this is a must have for anyone training their neck! After using this, I'd pay double for this!"

    @The Strength Classroom

  • Can't Recommend this Enough!

    "You're able to do all your favorite neck exercises but feel a lot better with this device! Can't recommend this enough!"

    @Jailhouse Strong

  • Nothing More Cost Effective on the Market!

    "This simple and effective device is well worth its weight in gold - I can progressively overload my neck workouts safely!"

    @Live Kinetically

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Frequently Asked Questions

What neck exercises can I perform with The Strong Neck?

With The Strong Neck you can effeciently perform neck curls, side neck raises, neck extensions, and side leg raises.

How much weight can The Strong Neck hold?

The Strong Neck can hold up to 90 Lbs of weight when performing exercises.

How durable is The Strong Neck?

The Strong Neck is incredibly durable, made here in the United States with ABS plastic and closed-cell polyurethane foam. We guarantee durability and even give a 30 Day Guarantee plus a no questions asked exchange policy.

How quickly can I recieve my Strong Neck?

We currently offer standard 3 - 5 day shipping on all orders.

Turn Any 2" Disc-Weight Into A Neck Strengthening System

What People Are Saying About Neck Strength

  • "Concussion Experts say that one way to help prevent concussions and reduce their severity in girls' soccer is through regular neck strengthening exercises."

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  • "A well-developed neck is synonymous with power and commands respect. Yet, very few ever take the time out to addressing the neck with specific training."

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  • "Researchers have proposed a solution for athletes at higher risk for sports concussions, protect your head with neck-strengthening exercises in the pre-season."

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  • "Trainers decided that increasing the size of his players' necks will help reduce the number of incidents; more strength supporting the head absorbing the blow."

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Joe Rogan's Take

Besides being a highly successful podcaster, UFC commentator and all-around cool guy, Joe is a neck strength enthusiast and raises some valid points about neck strength and size. Although Joe plugs the 'Iron Neck', our competition, I don't think most people want a $500 contraption. The Strong Neck is a simple, affordable and very effective free-weight alternative that offers a superior workout.

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